Brian K. DoBosh

Autodidactic Front-End Developer

"First, solve the problem.
Then write the code."

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An Obstacle Is Often...a stepping stone.

I was born in Ohio, later moved with my family to New York then Pennsylvania and eventually settled in Connecticut where I spent the last 25 years working in publishing (although I almost end up in London, England—the vote was 3-2 against). I was fortunate to find a small company nestled in the Connecticut woods not far from my home. I rose from Junior Buyer to Purchasing Manager and eventually Director of Purchasing for which I held the position for over 10 years.

I spent most of my career handling typical purchasing responsibilities such as procurement, vendor negotiations, and budgeting. At that stage in my life I was looking for a new challenge, and surprisingly it came along at just the right time—the new assignment was to help create, develop, and expand our company's presence on the internet through new websites and landing pages, interactive databases, and expanded content. My new duties consisted mostly of working with designers, copy editors, and IT professionals to help test and prepare the final products for rollout to our customer base.

All was going well until the financial crisis of 2008 hit and at that point the business took a significant downward turn from which we never really recovered…and eventually the business sold in 2014.

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The Only Way To Do Great to love what you do.

I remember my early programming days "playing around" with something called JavaScript and eventually getting the phrase, "Hello World! to display on my monitor. To me it was a BIG deal. I was excited and at that point I realized I had a passion for programming—specifically the language that can bring a simple idea on screen to life and someday share it with the world.

After "mastering" how to print "Hello World!" everywhere—and I mean everywhere. I eventually expanded my knowledge of JavaScript, learning all about arrays, functions, if statements, and for loops so I could dazzle my friends with the programming game, "fizz-buzz.”

I continue to pursue my passion of coding by practicing my programming skills everyday—sometimes even skipping a meal or two in order to write that last line of code that will bring my website or web project to life.

I used to consider JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and all the other programming languages to be nothing more than confusing backroom computer jargon—but not any more. They are the catalysts that drive me to get up before dawn to write my code that someday may change the world. Hello World!

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My Six-Month Goal...and beyond...

What are my goals? The answer to this is pretty straight forward when it comes to answering the first question—"what is my six month goal?"

Step one: Interview for a job—even though I might not be ready for one—I do understand that failure is okay. I will recover from it. I will learn from it, and subsequent interviews will get easier. There is no easy path to success, but a good combination of perseverance and preparation will payoff–and eventually the day will come when I stop applying for that Junior Front-End Developer position and actually accept one. That’s the day I will know that I made the right decision to follow my heart and pursue my new found passion for programming—one that I can share with the world.

What will the future hold? No one really knows, but I am looking forward to the journey. Whether I end up as a Senior Front-end Developer, Software Engineer, or a Scrum Master, the future looks bright.

I have provided a couple samples of my work below that you can try out and share with your friends. Enjoy.

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